GAIAGallery of Ancient Infinite Art

The visionary art represented in this gallery aims to recreate visual worlds through creative practices that inspire, empower, and increase the bandwidth of human potential.

Poster Session
Poster SessionConversations with the Pioneers of Research

The Poster Session will feature a gallery of scientific and other academic work presented by young scholars from across disciplines. Attendees will have the opportunity to browse posters and to interact with presenters, fostering communication, understanding, and collaboration.

The Root Cellar
The Root CellarCelebration of America’s Rich History of Experimentation

An interactive and multimedia exhibit dedicated to celebrating America’s rich history of psychedelic exploration, The Root Cellar will feature exhibits and lectures from historians, archivists, journalists, and philosophers whose work focuses on America’s history with psychedelics.

Psychedelic Culture Garden
Psychedelic Culture GardenMarketplace and Partner Exhibits

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