GAIA Art Gallery (Golkin Room)

Yoga and Meditation with Sitaram Das
8:00am – 8:45am Friday, Saturday, Sunday
(Admission allowed with any conference badge)
Yoga and meditation practice supports all people who are curious about knowing their true selves, and sloughing off their false identifications. It holds particular gifts for psychedelic explorers. Yoga asana and breathwork can strengthen and ground the nervous system, while meditation offers a mapping of the mind that allows one to navigate through realities with clarity and centeredness. This class will include physical yoga movement that is open to all levels and abilities.

Sitting in Circle Together With Stephan Beyer
6:30 – 8:30 pm Friday
(Admission for all conference-goers; limited space, first-come first-served)
The idea of council is very simple, and can be described in a few sentences. In council, people sit in a circle, and pass around a talking stick. Whoever holds the talking stick gets to speak, and everybody else listens. There are no interruptions, no questions, no challenges, no comments. People speak one at a time, in turn, honestly from their hearts, and they listen devoutly with their hearts to each person who speaks. The effect is miraculous.
A council circle is the most fundamental form of a shamanic healing ceremony. It reflects a basic human mode of interaction, largely lost in our culture, and doubly lost in our academic institutions, where hierarchical, punitive, and oppressive modes of interaction predominate. The practice of council, based on shamanic and indigenous views of the nature of right relationship, offers an alternative educational model — one that is egalitarian, liberating, and transformative

From Indra’s Net to the Inner Net – Manifesting Modern Metaphors for Medicinally Mediated Modalities with The Tea Faerie
3:00pm – 4:00pm, Saturday
(Admission allowed only with Saturday access – Pink, Yellow, or Green badge)
Human beings have always experienced non-ordinary states of consciousness, and we have naturally tended to interpret them in terms of the world that we know. This talk takes us on a tour of shamanic cosmovisions as they have evolved over time, and suggests the framework for an updated model that may prove to be uniquely appropriate for today‘s technologically sophisticated explorers.

Ayahuasca & The Ancient Mysteries: Electric Jesus Talk & Chakra Activation with Jonathan Talat Phillips
4:00pm – 5:00pm, Saturday
(Admission allowed only with Saturday access – Pink, Yellow, or Green badge)
In his book, The Electric Jesus, Talat chronicles mystical initiations involving ayahuasca ceremonies, MDMA kundalini awakenings, DMT galactic cowboys, “miraculous” energy healings, and an international movement trailblazing visionary ways to help our planet in crisis. Along the way he uncovers the “psychonautic” alchemical rites of the Christian mystery schools and secret ―electric‖ messages for personal and global transformation. We will begin this interactive workshop with a full body chakra activation.

Root Cellar (Ben Franklin Room)

The Psychedelic Experience Film Viewing
At various times over the weekend
The 22-minute film, The Psychedelic Experience (1965), will be shown periodically. A film by Allen Willis & Jean Millay. Winner of the San Francisco International Film Festival, 1965, Zellerbach Award, 1965. Original soundtrack by Ravi Shankar & Alla Rahka. Original Timothy Leary introduction commentary. This award winning film was the first film broadcasted nationally on the taking of psychedelic drugs.

Focus on Sanity Viewing
At various times over the weekend
Focus on Sanity is a 30-minute, CBS program from 1956. In the film, a researcher, Dr. Sidney Cohen, is shown interviewing, and then dosing, a volunteer at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. The woman, who is identified only as the wife of a hospital employee, is in her late 20s or early 30s and appears fairly typical of her time. After more patter, which serves to convince the viewer that she is, in fact, normal, the woman is told to drink the acid, diluted in a glass of water. LSD was a legal pharmaceutical drug until 1966.

“Painting Paradoila: a live digital portrait workshop with Android Jones
1:00pm – 2:00pm, Sunday
(Admission allowed only with Sunday access – Pink, Yellow, or Grey badge)
The human face is one of the most iconic recognizable forms in nature, capturing the complexity and likeness of a human spirit and the molecular density of their form is an impossible task. However by taking advantage of the mind‘s need for meaning and our ability to recognize patterns, we can leverage our own brain‘s need for deception and use shapes lines color and form to create the illusion of life. In this workshop, Android Jones will take a live model and work to transcribe their essence into an digital image in real time.